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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


3Today, I did three different things that I have not done in a very long time.

First, during the early afternoon, I stopped by the local community college. I am very seriously considering going back to school to get a degree in something. (I just haven't figured out what yet!) Over the past 19 years, I have accumulated two semesters worth of credits that really don't add to too much of anything when you put them all together.

So, today, I went to the college to take a few placement tests for Math and English. The purpose of the tests was to see what I already knew about both subjects, so the college can determine which courses I am eligible to sign up for. I scored very highly on the English exams and, surprisingly, I did reasonably well on the Math tests too. I am eligible to sign up for college-level credit courses in both subjects. That's pretty impressive considering that I have not set foot in an English or a Math class for over 19 years!

I have to admit, however, that the tests were not quite as easy as I thought they'd be. I really had to reach pretty far into the back of my brain to remember how to do some of those Algebra problems.

The second thing I did today that I have not done in quite a long time was go hiking. Last year, I went hiking just about every other day during the Spring and Summer months. I don't know what happened to me this year though. I bought my Maryland State Parks season pass very early in the year, but I just never made it out to the parks. Ah well, there is still some time left this year. Hopefully, I'll get out a few more times before it gets too cold. It really is beautiful out there in so many ways, and, for me at least, a good hike refreshes my body and clears my mind like nothing else can.

Finally, on the way back home from the hike today, I did something that I used to do all of the time, but have not done for years now. I took the long way home. I turned off onto a road that I had never been on before in my life, and I just drove. I had no idea where the road would lead to. I just figured that eventually I would come upon something that I recognized. It was a nice long way 'round too. I drove along some narrow, winding roads in a very old part of Howard County, Maryland. The houses and scenery were beautiful. Sometimes, it is nice to just go some place that you have never been to before. To see something beautiful and new. Sometimes, it is nice to wander.

Eventually, I ended up on some familiar roads that led me back home, but I was so glad that I had taken the long way to get there. I had certainly taken the road less traveled, and it really did make all the difference.


Anonymous Donn said...

And back to school he goes! Maybe you can coach me in my math studies.

12:04 PM  

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