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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Little Safer For Work Than Before... But Still...

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The G.I.Mo's Adventure Team In An All New Adventure...
"The Attack Of The Evil Annacuntinator"

Just off the coast of Antogfagasta is the secret hide out of The Evil Annacuntinator, a fascist bigot and foe of the G.I. Moe Adventure Team. As usual, she was up to no good spreading the words of hate, intolerance and Republican-Christian ignorance. She was just getting ready to interrupt all of the Internet, television and radio signals throughout the world with her message of hate.

Buzzzzz... Buzz... Buzz... White noise interruption and buzz came across the televisions, computers and radios across the world. Buzzzz... Buzzzz.. Buzzz... Then, a live feed of the Annacuntinator came across on everyone's screens, and she began to speak.

G.I. Mo's

The Annacuntinator: My fellow Christians, I am here today with a message from our Dear Lord above. His message is very clear about his feelings on this subject. God hates fags, and he wants you to kill them all. It's obvious that homosexuals only want to rape your children, and your wives, and your husbands and your family dog. They want to invade our lives with their sick, perverted lifestyle and take over the media and the governments of the world. The gays are the most deadly terrorist organization in the world, and if you see one of them, you should shoot them in the head. The greatest American president ever, Ronald Reagan, God rest his soul, tried, but failed, to save us all from the evil homosexuals when he came up with his secret plan to exterminate the gays in the early 1980's using a form of cancer that is transmitted when the gays have sex. Only, his great vision backfired when some of the gay men had sex with women and spread the disease to our righteous and glorious heterosexual world. It is their fault, therefore, that that this disease is here. The Lord has spoken, and he wants us to kill all of the gays.


G.I. Mo's

The GI Mo's were all getting a good old fashion boot cleaning from their favorite boot pig, Mo Buzz, when the announcement came in over the radio.

Sgt. Grunt: We have to make our move now Mo's!

Mo #1: Okay, guys. Let's go fuck that bitch up.

Mo #2: I'll grab the bazooka Crisco shooter.

Mo #3: I'll grab the gay porn magazines.

Mo #4: I'll get the dildos.

Mo #1: I'll grab the nipple clamps and my scrotum piecing gun.

Sgt. Grunt: And I'll grab our most lethal weapon of all... the 8 hour mega-dance remix of the Village People's Macho Man and YMCA.

Whole Adventure Team: Yo Mo!

Buzz: I'll just stay here and wait to clean your boots off when you get back.

The GI Mo's used their ‘Fascist Republican-Christian-Asshole-Scum' GPS to locate where The Annacuntinator was hiding out. They snuck in just as she was about to go live with another message of hate and intolerance.

Sgt. Grunt: Hold it right there Annacuntinator! You can't go on spreading your bigotry around the world. We are the GI Mo's, and we are here to put an end to your evil, Christian ways!

The Annacuntinator: No! You filthy homosexuals! Get away get away. Shoo. Don't touch me.

Mo #1: Your days are numbered Annacuntinator!

Mo #2: Quick Mo's. Everyone grab a gay porn mag.

G.I. Mo's

The Annacuntinator: No! Not gay porn magazines! Jesus, protect me from the infidels!

Mo #1: Yes, Annacuntinator. Gay porn magazines. Part of a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Because men everywhere around the world like to see a dude stick his dick in another dude's mouth.

Mo #3: Yeah, and sometimes they like to watch dudes sticking their hard fucking cocks up other dudes' hairy fucking assholes.

The Annacuntinator: Stop it! Stop saying those horrible, evil things! I'll pray to Mary. That's what I'll do. Oh Mary, shield me with your glorious, holy light. Shield me against these evil homosexuals.

Mo #2: And sometimes men like to get together in groups and watch gay porno movies and jerk their dicks off onto each others beards.

Mo #4: Yeah, and then some of us like to eat the man goo off of those beards.

Sgt. Grunt: Damn Mo's! You all are giving me a big old boner with all of this nasty talk. Who's ready to suck my cock, and who wants to eat my ass?

The Annacuntinator, weakened from this homosexual onslaught falls down in utter disgust at the G.I. Mo's dirty gay sex talk.

G.I. Mo's

The Annacuntinator: Ahhhhhhh! You sick G.I. Mo's. You are totally grossing me out the max. You may have won this battle, but you haven't seen the last of me. You perverted homosexuals! I'll be back with Jesus and George W. Bush to destroy you all.

And with that, The evil Annacuntinator got up and ran screaming away into the night.

Mo #1: Well, I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of that bitch.

Mo #3: Good, because I think she needs a brief education on the S&M hankie code.

Mo #3: You know, I think she was wearing blond fur panties.

Mo #4: Well, at least we stopped her this time.

Sgt. Grunt: Right Mo's! And remember, if you don't speak out against hatred and bigotry, then you are just as guilty of being a bigot. Now, let's all go home and get our dicks sucked by Buzz!

Whole Adventure Team: Yo Mo!

G.I. Mo's

The G.I. Mo Adventure team went back to headquarters to relax and get their dicks sucked. And, as for The Annacuntinator, she was last seen, still very traumatized, hanging around in a very seedy part of town.

G.I. Mo's


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Blogger TOS said...

Ummmm, maybe a wee too much time on yer hands there...

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Anonymous copperred said...

There's a future in gay porn for you. I can see it now "Hard Doll Productions present: Mo Hard Cock than you can shake a stick at.

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