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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Artsy Tuesday, A Photo & A Poem

Here is a photo:

Nude, Next To A Wall
Nude, Next To A Wall

and, here is a poem:


you must think I am such a fool
i cannot even look at you
my mind is blind save for your smile
i do not understand it
for so long I felt no love
and then it washes down on me
consuming me
it comforts me
what is beauty that you hide
where is that emotion
is it physical or only thinking
i have never loved another
like the living we have done
every terrible day
and you are there for me
only as far as you allow
must be good enough for me
still i question how we carry on
i could not be so very worse
and yet you smile
i almost cry
i wonder if you like this
you must know i am such a fool
i cannot look away
there is so much there
you are a vision
a stunning example of everything i love
so gentle and full of passion
always shining
i wonder what it must be like
to really love you


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