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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New What?

2006, huh?

Yep, it really is!I still have not quite been able to absorb the fact that another year has passed, and it is now 2006. This past holiday season flew by. Seems like we just put up the Christmas tree last week, and now it's January? I guess time really does fly when you're having sex... er, I mean FUN! ...yeah, fun, that's it!

2006 was a pretty good year. Not the best ever, but certainly not the worst. We made some great new friends. We also started this here blog and met even more great people. And, we went to our very first Blowoff on December 5th and met even more great people! That is something that we have not done in many years, meet new people that is. It was nice to get back out into the world and circulate a bit. Hopefully, we will meet even more great people in 2006.

I got my cool new keyboard this past year also. I have not been able to play with it as much as I would like to, what with the holidaze and all. I plan to really get going with it in 2006. I did manage to record one song. It is a cover of my absolutely favorite song by this guy. I recorded it to get some experience using the new keyboard. It actually turned out okay though, so I'll share it with you as long as you promise not to laugh! At least until the lawyers call and tell me to cease and desist that is... :')

New #1 (MP3 4.09 MB)*

*MP3's are offered for evaluative purposes only. They are not for sale or for resale.


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