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Friday, February 16, 2007

And The Lions Ate The Christians,
And The Christians Burned The Witches

What A Great Idea!It took me a few days to process the Equality Maryland Rally in Annapolis and what went down because I am so emotionally close to the issue. Last year was my first time at the rally, and I must say that it left me rather traumatized. I find it so hard to believe that, in this day and age, people can be so blatantly bigoted and just down right rude. Some of these people can be that way and yet, they still try to wear a Christian mask. This year, we went down there and met up with our buddy Donn. When you go to one of these rallies, you get divided up by your state district number, but at the check in table we were told that someone had picked our district info, but no one else from our district had shown up. (They weather report was calling for snow. Maybe that is why there was a lighter turnout than last year?) So, having no district to tag along with, we decided to go along with Donn and his rather large group to meet with several delegates from their area of the state.

The Glass Is Half Full - Brimming With A Whole Lotta Love

The head of Donn's group was an older woman, in her late sixties probably, whose son is a dentist. Her son's partner is a medical assistant and they have been together for 20 years. Her son and his partner were not able to be at the rally. In fact, there were a lot of parents there trying to protect their gay, lesbian and transgendered children's rights and trying their best to make sure that their children aren't second class citizens of Maryland. This woman was completely amazing though. She really did her homework and knew who we were meeting with and what time we were to meet. She approached the whole subject with a "Can I talk to you Mother to Mother or Mother to Father?" approach. She even brought home movies of her and her gay son and her own mother and other informative stuff on DVD to give to the delegates. This woman certainly got my vote for most caring mother in the world.

In addition to the many parents of gay children in attendance, there were also quite a lot of young gay people there. Let me tell you something. These younger gay kids are a lot more pissed off about the subject of equal rights for gays then I ever was at their age. I share their anger. I also feel like I let them down by not getting involved sooner than when I did. There were also quite a few transgender people there to trying explain their confusion about traditional marriage and how, if someone is transgendered, it makes the whole marriage situation even more confusing.

The highlight of the rally for me had to be watching my friend Donn tell his story about how hard he has worked for all he has. And how he and his partner deserve rights and they deserve to be protected by the state. The passion and emotion in his voice was very moving, and I was very proud of him and proud to be his gay brother. I even made a few points with some delegates myself. (After the rally, Donn, Bubala and I went to The Ramshead and had a special Lobster dinner to celebrate our little victory.)

The Glass Is Half Empty - And I Think It's Cracked And Leaking

One particular delegate who I now see in my nightmares was one of those rude people that I told you about earlier. Although, she was brave to stand by her beliefs in a roomful of pissed off gay people. she was also very nasty and rude. She said to our group of about 20 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and their friends and parents that, "I don't support marriage for you or civil unions for you. If you want to get into these relationships, it is your choice, but I don't think that the state should support you in them." Someone should have slapped her face and told her mother on her after that remark. We second class citizens just took it as another "fag" or "dyke" insulting attack on our families and on us.

It's amazing that we didn't all gang up on her and cut off her head and put the video on YouTube. For comical purposes, of course. We are the best, law abiding, peaceful, loving folks, aren't we? So, be fairly warned all you out there in Maryland and in her district. Run away and hide your pets and children if she comes around. For, she may look like someone's mother or grandmother, but behind that sweet, conservative face is a fascist monster with a crucifix. She's probably already laid eggs that have hatched into little demons wearing "Jesus Loves Me" t-shirts. Be Afraid and get out the bug spray.

After Glass - Is It Dishwasher safe?

All in all, I have to say that the experience gave me a sense of pride and empathy with my fellow gay community. It also gave me an intense hatred towards all basketball players. I just hate them all. Just look at those big balls dribbling all over the courts like that. It's just wrong I tell you. They should find their own country to live in. I'm never going to watch another basketball game as long as I live. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on more important things like my friend Durban Bud's Official Oscar ballot. Now, that‘s important stuff. Have you filled yours out yet? That deadline is fast approaching.


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