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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Consumer Reports

PlasmaLiquid Crab Display
I need a little help here, guys. I am very seriously considering a new television purchase. What I need to know is should I go with Plasma or LCD? I am totally clueless about both!

Which do you prefer?
Which will last longer?
How long will each last?
Which needs more repairs?
Which has a better picture?
What size should I get?
Which one will my porno DVD's look better on?

Inquiring minds want to know...



Blogger TOS said...

LCD b/c it is much lighter (easier on your walls and your back if you ever have to move it) and b/c it uses like 3/5th as much electricity as plasma (which are much heavier)

But picture is most important so go with what looks best for you and your budget. :-)

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I have a 37" plasma, and it is wonderful. LCD is much lighter like Tos said, but quality is the same. If in doubt with what size to get...get one size up. You won't regret it. Be warned, if you do get a plasma, never ever use windex to clean it. It will be gone for good!

4:56 PM  

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