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Saturday, July 14, 2007

C'mon Over Boys! I've Got A Brand New Sling!

Not exactly what you were hoping for, huh?

Not exactly what you were hoping for, huh?

I was in a great deal of pain today, so I went to the hospital to have the arm checked out. The doctor told me that I most likely suffered a partial dislocation of my shoulder. The x-rays showed no major damage though. She prescribed Tylenol, a sling and plenty of rest. I also got a tetanus shot while I was there just to be safe. I was hoping to get some of those super cool, spacey pain killing drugs, but no such luck.


Blogger DiamondFistWerny said...

Oh man I feel for you. About 3 months ago I went through Rotator Cuff Surgery. Wouldn't wish shoulder stuff on anyone! You were wishing for stronger drugs? Well, I'm not sure about that! They gave me oxycontin. You don't remember what you're doing on that stuff; can get you in all kinds of trouble. Hope you feel better.


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