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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Breath Of Fresh Air

No Smoking!

On February 1st, the Maryland statewide smoking ban goes into effect. I, for one, am ecstatic! That means no more smoking at my place of employment. I do wonder what those chain smoking bingo addicts will do? Will they still play if they can't smoke? I guess that only time will tell. It is possible that I may be looking for a new job sugar daddy in the near future though.

The smoking ban also means that we can spend more time at our favorite Baltimore night spots like gay bingo! We will almost certainly go out at least a little bit more after the ban goes into effect.


Lucky The Leprechaun, Sprinkles and Dracula will be so pleased. As will all of the G.I. Mo's!



Blogger TOS said...

I doubt people will stop gambling, it is probably more addicting than the nicotine ;-)

You will have to keep us posted on how you feel once the ban starts. I have been dying to use 1st hand knowledge to prove to my smoker friends that smoking bans really HELP the workers!

9:49 PM  

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