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Thursday, January 17, 2008

In-N-Out For 2008

I guess it's not too late to warn you about what's going to be OUT and what's going to be IN in 2008.


OUT in 2007IN in 2008
PornographyLive Sex Acts
Surfing The InternetGoing Out And Experiencing Life
Fucking AroundRelationships
X-BoxThinking Outside The Box
Nintendo 360Twister In The Nude On An Oily Mat
TVWriter’s Strike
Physical TerrorismSurrealistic Terrorism
Real Life DramaCartoon Drama
High School MusicalFoot Tapping In Grammar School Restrooms
Hanna MontanaSatan & Friends Summer Reunion Tour
CobraG.I. Joe
Prescription Anti-depressantsExercise
The Focus On $$$The Focus On Large Pectoral And Arm Muscles
DrivingBike Riding
Tori AmosLaurie Anderson
The PoliceLed Zeppelin
Bob BarkerBob Mould
Large Breast ImplantsThe B-52’s
Fighting Over PoliticsMaking Friends
Personal ConversationsTexting
Evolution Of TechnologyDe-evolution Of The Human Race
Mom And DadCorporate Empires
MuhammadDr. Benton Quest
BuddhaCaptain Caveman
JesusNorville Rogers
Civilian Deaths By Soldiers In IraqCivilian Deaths By Veterans In USA
Caring For Those Around YouDeath
Believing In GodRiding Roller Coasters
Calmly Handling The SituationFreaking Out
CNNComedy Central
Political CandidatesCartoon Characters
Trust In The MediaFaith In Hong Kong Phooey
HomophobiaRacism And Misogyny
Drugged Out Teens Having Kids To Be Raised By Their GrandparentsPlanned And Proud Homosexual Families
More Dramatic Celebrity MeltdownsMore Christian Republican Gay Sex Scandals
ChangeCan You Spare Some Food? We Are Starving
BloggingPublicly Speaking About One’s Life
Hating YourselfHating Children
Self AssuranceMultiple Personality Disorder
Tolerance For The Bush AdministrationThe American Revolution Part II
Fear About The End Of The WorldExperiencing Life To The Fullest Extent


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