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Thursday, January 19, 2006

New For 2006

New Music...

Bass Communion

The first new music that I am listening to in 2006 is the new Bass Communion album entitled, "Loss." Bass Communion is one of the side projects of Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson. It is his venture into the world of ambient music. This is the kind of music to put on while you’re doing something else. Whereas some ambient music comes across as kind of bland and new agey, this guy’s stuff is a little more spacey. With this new release and the last BC album called "Ghosts on Magnetic Tape," the mood is actually kind of spooky. This isn’t the kind of music to play when you’re alone in the house at night. It will creep you out.

Dead Children... Scary...The album is on vinyl in a limited edition of 450 copies. (I got #79.) It is packed in a pink, scented, silky sleeve. It has a matching booklet of antique photos of children, dead in their coffins, and other macabre images. The record has two side long eerie pieces of music. The first side sounds like music for old funeral parlors and the other side sounds like music for creepy old attics. Just the kind of happy sounds to cheer you out of your winter blues. Only, I think that all of the copies of this record are sold out now.

New Concert...

So, we went down to the Black Cat Club Sunday night to check out the return of Craig Wedren to the DC area. He hasn’t played here since the summer of 1998. After that, Shudder To Think broke up as they got more into doing film soundtracks and theme music, and less into wanting to be a rock band. So, Craig moved to New York City where he has been very busy doing other things. You know the theme for Reno 911, that’s his. He also has a new band called BABY. And, last year, he put out his first solo record, "Lapland," which is just incredible.

So, he and fellow Baby band member, Amy Miles, who also has her own record, set off on a short tour with the last stop happening in DC. It was sort of a homecoming for Craig, Shudder To Think used to play the Black Cat, sometimes 5 or 6 times a year (I was always there) when they were a local band. This time, there were only about 60 or 70 people there, but it was one of those special shows for Craig and for me. He played most of the new record and even a few Shudder tunes. This man can coo like a dove and he is really very sexy. And, he is a really nice guy as well.

Craig is so dreamy...

After the show, he told me that he was so happy to look out and see me there. I was so touched that he remembered my face after almost 8 years. He said he would hopefully be playing out more. He also made a comment about my sweats, and he said his father would have had me out on the porch doing calisthenics. (I’m up for it!) Jason thinks he was checking me out. Craig has a girlfriend, and she was there, but he acts like he’s comfortable with the feminine side of his personality He is certainly comfortable around gay guys.

The man is just so gifted.

She Don’t Sleep
Alone In Love
Wanna Drive?
Red House
Do You Harm
Rain Diamonds
Hit Liquor
Fifteen Minutes Late
Born Curious
X - French T-Shirt
Fall In
Night Is Over
Day Ditty
Happy Birthday

One Man’s Heart



Are We Not Men?



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