Bubala, Mumi & Max

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

They Say It's Always Better The Second Time Around...

You know, sometimes Bob plays and we like it, and we’re entertained, and it’s cool. Other times, Bob plays, and it’s more like seeing a live exorcism. Last night was one of those latter kind of shows. Even before “Wishing Well” was over, you could see and hear it in him. As the set progressed, and he pulled out some old friends and then some new ones, it just got more intense. If you are one of those who can see the music in the air as it’s being played, then you would have seen some wild stuff going on last night.

Bob told the crowd that the 12-string acoustic that had given him troubles in Annapolis was very ill, and after 15 years, this might be it’s last show. (R.I.P.?) From where I was, it sounded like it behaved itself. (You just has to keep talking nicely to it...)

6 songs into the set, he brought out Amy Domingues who played cello on a block of “Workbook” songs. This is the point in the show where I almost lost it. I felt it creeping up on me somewhere during “Eternally Friend”, but during “Poison Years” and “Brasilia” my eyes were watering up, and I got these waves of emotion in the pit of my stomach. (Dude... butch it up, there are some hot men around!)

After the “WB” songs, Bob brought out Rich Morel to join him on keyboard, and Bob switched to the electric guitar. Then, the three of them treated us to the live debut of “Days Of Rain.” Amy then left the stage, and Bob and Morel debuted “Lowdown Ground.” Next, they continued playing through a block of mostly “Body Of Song” songs. Then, Morel left and Bob finished up with several more old favorites.

This was one emotional ride of a show, and I could tell that Bob was drained, but he still was nice enough to sign my poster and chat for a few minutes after the show. He’s the best! I feel really lucky having seen the DC Pride show, that incredible 9:30 Club show, and now this one. Having been a fan for so long, it’s nice to have Bob call this place home.

Please don’t move the thumbtack Bob!

Here is the set list:

Wishing Well
Hear Me Calling
Needle Hits E
Can’t Fight It
Hardly Getting Over It
Eternally Fried
See A Little Light *
Poison Years *
Sins And Their Repentances *
Brasilia Crossed with Trenton *
Days Of Rain * #
Lowdown Ground #
Hoover Damn #
High Fidelity #
Circles #
Beating Heart The Prize #
I Apologize
My Favorite Thing
Celebrated Summer
If I Can’t Change Your Mind
Makes No Sense At All

* - Amy Domingues on cello
# - Rich Morel on keyboard

More On Bob Later...

Bob MouldJust a quick note here to say that the Bob Mould show last night at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia was fantastic! A very emotional and powerful performance from Bob. The guest musicians were a great addition to the show also, especailly the ever wonderful (and always sexy) Morel!

Kristin Hersh opened the show and all I can say about her is WOW! I totally enjoyed her performance! She is extremely talented and refreshingly entertaining all at the same time. Up 'til now, all I knew about Kristin is that she was the woman who sang one of my all-time favorite songs called "Your Ghost" way back in 1994. The only Kritin Hersh CD I own is a promotional copy of Hips And Makers that I got when I worked at Tower Records all those years ago. But, after last night, I am sure that I will be checking out some more of her CD's.

As for the highlights of Bob's show, Mumi will posting more about that later, so stay tuned!

Here is a helpful holiday shopping guide sent to me from the Human Rights Campaign Website. It lists companies and products that support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. Check it out! I never knew how many products that I buy on a regular basis come from scary, homophobic companies!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Waffles & Other Extremely Random Ramblings

1) We made waffles this morning. Yum! Thanks to Tim & Donn for the most excellent gift of waffle mix last night. The mix is great, and we found some of that new Country Crock cinnamon spread. It's like butter or something with cinnamon mixed all in... absolutely delicious! Mmmmm.... waffles....

This is not what it looks like... honest!
2) This picture is not what it looks like. I did not get a little too excited while making waffles this morning... Even though, come to think of it, I must admit that the thought of those fantastically light and fluffy waffles with that creamy, sweet, cinnamon spread and that sticky, gooey, sweet syrup... oh hell yeah... I did too get a little too excited this morning while making waffles, but this picture has absolutely nothing at all to do with that!!

Hand me the keys, please.
3) I bought a new synthesizer yesterday for myself for Christmas, since I know that no one else is going to spend that kind of money on me! It's a Korg Triton Extreme. So far, I am loving it! It is packed with over a thousand cool-ass sounds and a bunch of great drum kit samples! I have been tinkering around with it trying to get the hang of how it operates. I expect to start writing some new songs with it any time now! If you're really nice, maybe I'll write a song about you...

Artistically dirty dishes...
4) Remember, whoever makes the waffles DOES NOT have to clean the dirty dishes! That's the rules! Too bad, so sad!

5) Here is a short little poem I wrote. It is called "Voice Over."

     Just this thin voice over some wires
     Is all I have to know you by.
     Not so close as you used to be.
     I couldn't touch you if I tried.

     Just these tired sentences saying nothing.
     No more importance, meaning is gone.
     Wish you were here, it's all I think.
     Whereas thoughts will have no meaning.

Talking About Bob Mould

Heater Dog & Heater MonkeyWell, last night I managed to pry myself away from my normal activity this time of year, cuddling up with Max in front of my space heater, and we went down to Annapolis and met up with our friends, Tim and Donn, for dinner at the Double-T diner. The food was good, the service funny, and the company was friendly and handsome.

After the meal, we all headed down West Street to the Ram’s Head Tavern to see Bob Mould. He had just played around here last month in DC with his whole band, but this was a solo show. The place is small and intimate, and our seats were up close. Strangely enough, we had the same exact table and seats this time as when he played there last January. Tim and Donn sat a few tables away. They introduced us to a few of their friends and fellow fans. Bob was hanging out before the show and chatting with fans and friends. I was my usual socially dysfunctional self with a whole lot of nothing to say to anyone. What a monkey!

The show began well (and in tune), but as the show progressed, the old 12 string acoustic guitar got temperamental and wouldn’t stay in tune. There was a surprise in the set for me. Bob played “Can’t Fight It” which I haven’t seen him play in about 10 years. Then, he switched over to the electric guitar and tore it up a bit which seemed to wake the 70% full Ram’s Head crowd up.

After the show, Bob was signing CD’s, and I got him to sign a few things. Bubala even snapped a photo of Bob and me for the collection. To sit on the shelf and inspire me to make music rather then lay in front of the heater with the dog all winter. It is a pretty nice pic though, don‘t you think so?

Bob & Mumi
Bob is playing The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia on Tuesday. He said that Morel will join him on stage, so hmmmmm... It wasn’t in the plan, but I can resist anything but temptation, so maybe we’ll go check it out.

I was counting my Bob ticket stubs and last night after we got home, and last night was the 21st time I have seen Bob play since 1987. I included the DC Pride show this year, and Fort Reno in 2003.

It’s all piling up now. No time to look back. Just get me in front of the heater, and tell me when it’s April.

Here’s the set-list from last night.
(I think I got the order right)

(First half all on 12 string acoustic guitar)
Wishing Well
Hear Me Calling
Hoover Damn
See A little Light
No Reservation
Hardly Getting Over It
Can’t Fight It
Hi Fidelity
Sinners & Their Repentances

(Second half and encore all on 6 string electric guitar)
Lonely Afternoon
I Apologize
The Act We Act
Charted Trips
My Favorite Thing
Celebrated Summer

If I Can’t Change Your Mind
Makes No Sense At All

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Let's Get Physical -or- I Hope Mr. Hankey Is Planning To Visit

Poop Collection Kit...Today I went to the doctor's office for my bi-annual, yearly complete physical examination. (I try to go every year, but actually end up going about once every two years.)

It always seems that I schedule these physical exams around the major holidays. Two years ago, I had one done on Christmas Eve. This year, two days before Thanksgiving. Sort of a special little holiday gift that I give to myself, I suppose. I do like to treat myself well!

Anyway, the physical itself was pretty uneventful. A bunch of questions, some touching and feeling here and there, some plunking of this and squeezing of that. Of course, I ended up with a female doctor. Not that I mind a lady touching me in those private areas of my body, but I do think that I would enjoy a man's hands down there so much more... oh yeah, touch it, squeeze it... hmmmm, on second thought, maybe it was better that I had a lady doctor.

Back to the physical. As any man gay or straight will tell you, the best part of any physical examination is the prostate exam. You know, the part where the doctor slips on the rubber glove, lubes up and shoves their finger up your butt and wiggles it around searching for your prostate or whatever other interesting things they can find in a man's rectum. Yeah, that one's a blast, all right. Every man's favorite for sure! Ranks right up there with "turn your head and cough."

But wait, hold on... I didn't get the finger test... All I got was a lecture about how to determine if I had any symptoms of an enlarged prostate or not. You know like difficulty peeing, post pee dribbles, etc. Damn it! What a major letdown! I waited in anticipation for two years for my next prostate poke and I get nothing, nothing at all!

Even though I did not get the finger up the hole test, I did get the take-home version of the colorectal cancer test! What the Hell? I kid you not! I got this little envelope filled with colorectal cancer test kit supplies. I have to actually collect samples of my feces with little wooden popsicle sticks and smear the little bits of poo-poo onto a test slide three different times over three different days. And, as if that wasn't humiliating enough, I then have to slip my poopie into an envelope and mail it to my doctor's office. I ACTUALLY HAVE TO MAIL MY POOP TO MY DOCTOR'S OFFICE!

If I didn't think that all of this was so completely hilarious, I am sure that I would be horrifyingly disgusted by it all!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Music Is Always Good...

We were at Record & Tape Traders today looking for Joy Divison CD's for Mumi. He has gotten into them over the past few days for some reason. Anyway I came across a CD called "Several Arrows Later" by a band called matt pond PA. It was in a listening station, so I gave it a try. It is very good. You should check them out.

Last night, I spent my time playing bingo with the old ladies at my mom's church. It's a Catholic church, so they can get away with sins like gambling and stuff. I lost all my money again. Part of me thinks I should not go any more since it seems like all I ever do is lose my money to God and the Catholics who will most likely spend it researching more and more evil ways to be mean to homosexuals and everyone else who isn't exactly like them. But then, another part of me enjoys the time spent with my mom and my uncle and aunt who are also usually there.

Here is what I would look like if I was a cartoon chracter:

Cartoon Bubala

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Today was day to catch up on some maintenance, my body's maintenance to be exact.

I woke up with an awful case of bedhead and decided it was time once again to get the 'ole head's hair cut. Being a hairy guy is great most of the time, but it does have it's occasional drawbacks. The hair on the back of my neck, for example. It grows so fast between hair cuts. It's kinda gross sometimes. Looks like I'm wearing a scary hair scarf or something, so I have to get it trimmed regularly. I am sure that if I tried to trim it myself, I would somehow end up completely bald or seriously injured or both, so I leave that risky sorta stuff to the hair care experts.

Here is a before and after shot, so that you can see the results of my dramatic makeover:

Before & After
Absolutely stunning, dontcha' think?

After the hair was taken care of, it was time to move on to the teeth. I had not been to see the dentist since mine retired about two years ago. He had been my dentist forever, so you can imagine that his retirement was a sad and traumatic occasion for me. It left me in dental denial for two years as a matter of fact. I figured that my teeth just couldn't and wouldn't go on without their beloved Doctor Johnson to clean and care for them. Finally, however, I thought it was time to venture out into the world of dental hygiene and periodontics again.

I went to see a dentist that my mother had recommended. Actually, Mumi and I both went to see the dentist together. It was really romantic. We both had appointments at the same time, same place. He was in one room and me in the other. I could actually hear the tartar being scraped off his teeth as my molars were being x-rayed. I could hear him trying in vain to mumble out answers to the all of the many questions dentists inevitably ask while they have their hands shoved half way down your throats. Just how they expect you to answer all those questions with a mouth full of hands, I'll never know.

Fortunately, the dental exam was pretty routine. No surprises for me. Whereas I may not have the whitest or straightest or most beautiful teeth in the world, they are pretty solid little chompers. They require very little dental work, thank goodness!

Grrrr! Scary teeth!

Mumi, on the other hand... Well, let's just say that he has a follow up appointment with the dentist next month for a little "work..."

Oh, also, last night, Mumi and I were playing around with the digital camera while driving home from the grocery store. I really have to learn how to pay attention to the road while I'm driving, but that is another whole story for another time. Anyway, we got some real neat photos out of it. Here is one of them:

Traffic Slam

Monday, November 14, 2005

To Blow Or Not To Blow...

A Forest! This is usually not a difficult decision for me to have to make, but this time, unfortunately, we are talking about yard work... raking leaves to be exact.

That's what The Bald Monkey and I did this weekend. Yup, truly exciting stuff happens around here all of the time... *yawn*

Well, anyway, this weekend, we did some yard work. You see, we have trees. Lots and lots of trees. They are great in the summertime since they shade the house and keep cooling costs down. However, come Autumn, when the trees start going bald, they drop mountains of leaves all over the yard. We have to rake every weekend from October through December to keep up.

This year, we thought that we would move into the 21st century, and get all high-tech on the leaf situation. We bought a Black and Decker leaf hog. It is a leaf blower and a leaf vacuum all in one. While standing in line at the local Home Depot, grand and glorious visions formed in our heads. Visions of turning this baby on and then instantly, all of the thousands of leaves that were previously scattered all throughout the yard would miraculously all blow into the air all tornado-like and then all float gently into a neat little pile right in the middle of our front yard. Then, all we would have to do is switch the new miracle tool to the vacuum setting and all of the leaves would be sucked right on into the tube and turned into mounds of fantastic mulch. Yeah, this was gonna be cool all right!

Mumi Blows!We got the new leaf sucker/blower home, plugged it in, turned it on and... well, it just kinda blew all the leaves around in circles from one end of the yard to the other. As hard as we tried, we could not get the leaves to cooperate with our grandiose visions. They refused to all pile up in a neat and orderly fashion! They just sorta blew up into the air and spun around and floated back down to the ground in just about the same place where they started. It also blew a bunch of dust and dirt all around in the air stinging our eyes and making us sneeze out dirty, nasty top-soil snot. Yech! What a huge disappointment!

Well, at least we still had the vacuuming portion of our dream to look forward to! We got the boring, uninspired, old-fashioned rakes out of the shed and started scooping up the leaves into a pile. When we had enough of them all gathered around, we switched on the Leaf Hog and started to suck those babies right up! However, after about six or seven leaves got sucked up the tube, the Leaf Hog got jammed and wouldn't suck up any more leaves! We figured that, obviously, we must have just sucked up an extra large or especially difficult to swallow leaf, so we unclogged it and started again. Six or seven leaves later... clogged again!

Mumi Rakes!We gave up on the leaf blower and went back to raking leaves the old-fashioned way...

I only wish now that I had been smart enough to invent the leaf blower! Everybody is buying them. Everyone on my street has one, and no one can figure out how to make them do a doggone thing. All they do is blow all of the leaves up in the air and spin them all around in a circle and drop them right back down where they started from. Someone is making a fortune and laughing all the way to the bank.

Oh yeah, and don't even get me started on my rant about the weed whacker...

Bubala Whacks!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Do Ya' Like Boobs A Lot?

Augh! Evil Boobies & Bush!


Sorry to start off this post with a scary titty picture, but then that is what this post is all about. Big, scary titties!

At my job, apparently, you gotta have titties to get anywhere. I don't mean saggy, scary, hairy man-boobs. (Or even hard, hot, hairy man pecs for that matter!) I'm talking about those big, juicy, luscious, melons of the female variety. Those beautiful B's, C's, Double D's... whatever! I truly believe you gotta have girly-boobs to get ahead at my place of employment!

I have been working there for over five years now doing some things that I really don't necessarily prefer to do. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job at all. Love it as a matter of fact. But, you see, at my place of employment, there are several positions that any one of many people may fill from day to day. One day you might be doing this, the next day you could be doing that. Now, the rates of pay for these various positions are different. Doing one job earns you this much money, while doing another job could earn you two or three times as much money. (No, we are not all hookers and johns! It's a completely reputable place of employment! Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Now, whereas, I am completely qualified to perform any and all of the daily tasks, I constantly find myself assigned to the low paying gigs while all the big tittied gals are getting the big bucks tasks! In fact, big boobied babes that have been there considerably less time than I have are getting all of the high salary assignments! One girl who has been there less than a week has already passed right over me into the big breadwinner positions just because she has humongous milk juggs!

It's very frustrating!

I never once, not even for a moment, ever wanted to be a woman. I am very happy being a man and very content with all of the manly body parts that I have been blessed with! Wouldn't trade anything.. uhn uh!

But, maybe it is time, strictly for financial reasons of course, to think seriously about that breast augmentation surgery.

Boobala's Sexy Man-Boobs!

What do you think?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Intro: Bubala, Mumi & Max

This is Bubala...

Bubala (Human)

This is Mumi...

Mumi (Monkey)

And this is Max...

Max (Dog)

Bubala is a human being, Mumi is a monkey and Max is a dog. We all live together in a cozy little house with a white picket fence in Glen Burnie, Maryland in the United States Of America.

We all three decided that now was the right time to start blogging seeing as everyone else has already been doing it now for, what, like three or four years. We certainly do not want to be perceived as the trend-setters or pioneers of blogging. We are much happier just jumping onto the back of the bandwagon.

I guess the main reason that we have chosen to share broken bits and fragmented pieces of our lives with total strangers is because... well, because we are all three certifiably looney. Not that that is a bad thing.