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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hot New Sex Toys...

Sometimes, it is not so easy to tell the difference between Mumi and me. We are looking more and more alike every single day thanks to my receding hairline. It won't be long now before I'll be a bald monkey too! We talk alike. Most people cannot tell our voices apart on the telephone. Lately, we have started dressing alike. I only wish that we were the same size. We could save a fortune on our wardrobes! We're even starting to think alike. We have a tendency to finish each other thoughts very often these days. It's actually kind of eerie how we do it sometimes. I guess 10+ years together will do that to a couple.

Other times, though, the differences between us are very stark and very, very obvious. Just check out the new toys that each of us bought this past week...

Here is my new toy:

Boring Carpet Steamer
(Yes, it is a carpet steamer...)

And, here is his new toy:

Sexy New Drums
Both of us are way beyond thrilled with our new purchases, and we have both been using our new toys every day since we bought them. That explains the lack of blog postings these past couple of days. I'm busy soaping up and sucking dry downstairs while Mumi is busy upstairs beating off several times a day.

Now, based on each of our new toy choices, who do you think is more of an animal in the sack?

I'll never tell...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Monkey Blogs!

Mumi is blogging again. Over here...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things That I Am Thankful For

My Mumi...

My Max...

My Family...
My Family

My Friends...
Tim & DonnTJ & RobFriendsMore Friends

Hot Men...


Bubala Naked

And, Of Course...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When Religion Loses Its Credibility

Jesus Christ
If you haven't read this yet, you should...

There is some good stuff in the article and in the comments below the article.

Here is an excerpt...
So, why are so many church leaders (not to mention Orthodox Jewish and Muslim leaders) persisting in their view that homosexuality is wrong despite a growing stream of scientific evidence that is likely to become a torrent in the coming years? The answer is found in Leviticus 18. "You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination."

As a former "the Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it" kind of guy, I am sympathetic with any Christian who accepts the Bible at face value. But here's the catch. Leviticus is filled with laws imposing the death penalty for everything from eating catfish to sassing your parents. If you accept one as the absolute, unequivocal word of God, you must accept them all.

For many of gay America's loudest critics, the results are unthinkable. First, no more football. At least not without gloves. Handling a pig skin is an abomination. Second, no more Saturday games even if you can get a new ball. Violating the Sabbath is a capital offense according to Leviticus. For the over-40 crowd, approaching the altar of God with a defect in your sight is taboo, but you'll have plenty of company because those menstruating or with disabilities are also barred.

The truth is that mainstream religion has moved beyond animal sacrifice, slavery and the host of primitive rituals described in Leviticus centuries ago. Selectively hanging onto these ancient proscriptions for gays and lesbians exclusively is unfair according to anybody's standard of ethics. We lawyers call it "selective enforcement," and in civil affairs it's illegal.
(Originally spotted on Towleroad.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Olde New Amsterdam

Our trip to New York City last night was a lot of fun. Fortunately, we didn't run into any real traffic problems getting into the city. We arrived at around 6pm and found onstreet, unmetered parking. That saved us about 30 bucks! Yay! Actually, where we parked, you are not really allowed to park there until after 6pm. We pulled into a space at about 5:45pm and just waited it out until 6pm. It was such a New York City thing to do. (I think I saw them do this on Friends once. All those years of watching TV finally paid off!) We were not the only ones who did the sneaky parking trick either. At exactly 6pm, the doors of just about every car on the street opened up in unison, and the people all got out and went on their merry ways.

Since we couldn't get into the concert venue until at least 7:30pm, we headed over to spend some time in Little Italy and Chinatown since they are both very close to the venue. We walked down a street in Chinatown and saw all of the dead, butchered animals hanging in the store windows. That really helped our appetites. The whole place smelled of fish because just about every food market on the whole street has fresh fish on ice outside on their sidewalks. I guess Chinese people really like fish! The bloody animal parts and the smell of fish was really killing our appetites. So, we headed over to Little Italy to grab a bite to eat.

It was a multi-cultural night for us for sure. Somewhere between Chinatown and Little Italy, we had Italian food cooked and served by Hispanic people. Talk about your Great American Melting Pot! The food was great. I had baked ziti and Mumi had a chicken parmesan sub. The food in New York City is always great. After desserts of cannoli and chocolate truffle layer cake, we headed back to the venue for the show.

It was our first time seeing The Ark perform live. They were pretty good. Not great, but definitely entertaining. The lead singer is very flamboyant in a butch sort of way. Even with his long hair, he was still pretty sexy. I only wish he had not shaved his facial hair off. He had been growing a beard for a little while there that was looking really hot, but he shaved it all off. The bass player was pretty hot too. (See pic below.)

Here are a few pics from the concert...

The Ark

Lead Singer, Ola Salo

Bass Player, Leari

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Morning Mumble

Whereas most people dread Monday mornings, I usually look forward to them. Since my job requires to me to work crazy long and absurdly late hours for part or sometimes the whole weekend, Monday is usually my day to catch up on lost sleep. Most Mondays, I don't have to be to work until 10:45am. And, I only have to work for four hours on most Mondays. So, Mondays are good.

The ArkToday, I even got an extra bonus because I am off for the whole day. Mumi and I are heading to New York City this afternoon to see a concert at The Bowery Ballroom tonight. The band that we are going to see is called The Ark. They are a Swedish glam rock band, and they are totally cool. Check 'em out. You might like them too! Band info and downloads available via MySpace here!

The show tonight will probably be their only show in the States for a while. You see, just a few short weeks ago, the band had to cancel their U.S. tour after they were chased out of the country because of a comment made by the lead singer of the band during a concert at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. He made a political joke about planes flying into the White House. Big frickin' deal! Too many people are just way too selectively sensitive in this country.

Ah well, so much for free speech, eh? I guess free speech is only okay as long as it's something that the red-state mentality among us agrees with.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I Suffer From Premature Congratulations

Dewey Beats Truman

Just call me the Chicago Daily Tribune...

Looks like Mister Nasty Pants is going to win his re-election bid after all. If so, he will have won by only 28 votes out of 103,384 votes cast. Where are those damn hanging chads when we realy need them?

Oh well. I guess we'll have to endure another four years of watching Dwyer parade around praising the Lord, hating the gays and crying for more guns. Should be pretty useless as usual.

At least he doesn't represent my voting district. Thank goodness for that.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


While reading a pal's blog entry this morning, I got to thinking about something. Something that I consider to be a little strange.

Okay, honestly, I consider it to be a lot strange.

I like titties...

I'm not talking about saggy, nasty moobs (man boobs) either. Eew, they're gross for sure.

Man Boobs
I'm not talking about droopy old granny titties either.

Granny Tits
Okay, I'll give you a second to clear the throw up out of your mouth...

I'm talking about hot young girl titties. Somewhwere in their early twenties titties. Firm, perky, really bouncy, 100% genuine woman boobies.

Hot Young Breasts
I think that I would like to hold them... play with them... jiggle them all around... perhaps even taste them... maybe...

What the hell is wrong with me? I'm gay for crying out loud. I love hairy men, goatees, man ass, cock, balls... What's the deal with this whole titty fetish anyway? I do believe that I might need professional help.

I guess I'm not too far gone though, because I still don't like vaginas. In fact, I can't stand vaginas. As all gay men are already surely well aware, every girl's vagina has thousands of rows of razor sharp teeth on the inside. Those teeth are just waiting to chomp off every man's pecker!

Thankfully, I don't see too many vaginas up really close, but I imagine that most of them probably look just like this...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Show Must Go On

Bone Box
It was Sunday afternoon. I was at work. I was sitting high atop my bingo caller's stand. It was about 3:30pm. The Sunday Matinée session had just begun. All of the little old ladies were dabbing away furiously at their bingo cards after I called each number. Some of the little old ladies had even dragged their husbands along to join in on the bingo fun.

Now, I am not sure how many of you have been to a bingo hall lately, but let me tell you, those bingo players can be a serious bunch. Some of those ladies and men take the game very, very seriously, as you're about to see from the following true story.

So, like I said earlier, I am sitting on my caller's stand looking out over the crowd. That's mostly what my job entails. I put a ball in front of the camera, wait 15 seconds and then call the number and put another ball in front of the camera. Then, I look around the room for the 15 seconds that I have to wait until I can call the next number.

Bingo PlayerWell, as I am scanning the room, I notice that there is a lady out in the crowd who just doesn't look right. In fact, she looks ill. She is sweating even though the room is at a pretty comfortable temperature, and her head is sort of wobbling back and forth.

Unfortunately, I see this a lot where I work. When your clientele is mostly older people who smoke like a chimney, eat plenty of deep fried snack bar food and spend most of their lives sitting in a chair dabbing away furiously at bingo cards, there is bound to be a need for a 911 call every now and then. In fact, over the years, a few people have literally dropped dead right there in the middle of the bingo hall. Fortunately, I have never been working on a night when that has happened.

But, I am babbling now... Back to the sweaty, wobbly-headed lady lady story... Okay, so I can tell this lady is not doing so well. So, I make a call to the front desk and let them know about the situation. I don't stop the game though, because I am not allowed to. The game has to keep on going just about no matter what happens. Even when those people dropped dead right in the middle of the hall, the game kept on going. If it hadn't, you can be sure that the rest of the old ladies in the hall would have started bitching. I can just hear them now. "So what! She's dead! We can't help her now. Just call the next Goddamn number already!"

Okay, so back to the wobbly-headed lady. Oh yeah , I should mention that her husband is there playing bingo with her. So, our security guard comes over and talks to the ill lady. Security decides that is would be best if we call 911 and get some paramedics out there to take a look at the lady. The ambulance shows up. The paramedics talk to the lady, take her blood pressure and tell her that she should go to the hospital for treatment. After a little persuading, the lady finally agrees and the paramedics load her onto the stretcher and wheel her out.

While all of this has been going on, her husband has never once stopped playing his bingo cards. He has not gotten up to comfort his wife. Not even once. And, when the lady is wheeled out to the waiting ambulance, he actually stays behind and continues to play bingo. The ambulance drives away, and he is still there. This man's wife is being hauled off to the hospital, and he stays behind to play his bingo cards! Then, he even has the nerve to ask us that since his wife is not going to be back any time soon, can he play her cards too?

Oh my gawd!

Later that evening, I'm working in the office and the phone rings. I answer it. It's the lady calling from the hospital. She says she needs a ride back to the bingo hall and asks me if I can find her husband and ask him to come and pick her up. First of all, I am astounded that even though the bingo session has been over for an hour now, the lady's husband still has not made an attempt to go to the hospital and be with her. I am even more astounded when I find the man to give him the message from his wife. He is sitting at one of the slots-style gaming machines that we have in the bingo hall. The man's wife is in the hospital and he is sitting at a slot machine not thinking one bit about his wife and whether she is alive or dead or whatever.

These bingo players can be hardcore, I tell you!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Somehow, I managed to completely forget this here blog's one year anniversary which was this past Friday, November 10th.

Sorry, TEULOBMM&M! I don't know where my head was! I'll make it up to you by posting a couple of hot, nearly naked men pics on you today!

Channing TatumHis name is Paul.

On a completely unrelated note, we had a great dinner date on Saturday night. We had made plans to meet up with our great friends, Tim & Donn at The Dakota Cowgirl in D.C. Imagine our pleasant surprise when we found out that Durban Bud and Rob were going to be joining us also. What a fun night. Good food, pleasant conversation and friendly, cuddly, woofy men. We're going to have to do that again some time real soon.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Say hello to the biggest loser I know...

Delegate Don Loser
His name is Donald Dwyer. He is a Republican. Every year, for several years now, he has been the first one to introduce anti-gay legislation into the Maryland General Assembly. He says that he believes that his God has chosen him to lead the crusade against, among other things, same-sex marriage. Every year, thankfully, his hateful legislation is blocked by fair-minded politicians who realize that there are all kinds of people on this planet and that, as officials elected by the people, they must do their best to try to represent all of their constituents as fairly and as justly as possible.

This past Tuesday, Donald Dwyer lost his bid for re-election to the Maryland House Of Delegates.

Let me be the first to say, "Ha ha!"

Ha ha!
Hopefully, Mr. Dwyer will take this as a sign from his God that it is time for him to retire from politics and possibly get into something even more shameful and despicable. Like religion, for example.

UPDATE: It seems that the results of this election are not final just yet. So, Dwyer still has a chance of winning after all the absentee ballots are counted. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this mean, icky loser will be an even bigger loser when all of the votes have been tallied.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What A Great Day To Be Blue...

I'm seeing blue everywhere I look today, and I like it.
Yes, today I am very proud to be an ass...
What an ass!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Everyone Else Is Funnier Than Me!

This just about sums up how I feel about all of it!
If you have trouble reading the comic, you can click on it to enlarge it.

I did vote though. I always vote.

Wild Kind Of Look To The Day

Erection Day!
Okay gang, this is it. This is the big one! (Pun intended!) This is the one we've all been waiting for.

Erection day is finally here!

It is time to show your patriotism by showing off your boner to the rest of America. Come on now, don't be shy. Here is the catch phrase for the rest of the day today:

"Just Unzip and Whip..."

For the rest of the day, make sure that you tell everyone you know to "Just Unzip and Whip" it out for the sake of their country. This is so important to the future of the United States. Our Democracy is at stake here fellas! Don't let your fellow Americans down.

These men have the right idea. They're true patriots for sure!

True Americans...
Show it to your familes. Show it to your friends. Show it to your family's friends. Show it to strangers on the street. Hell, show it to me. I certainly won't complain! Just make sure that you show someone your boner today. It is your patriotic duty, and it is the American thing to do.

And for you women out there, don't think that this is just a holiday for the men. With a pair of sweat pants, a ripe banana and a little creativity, you too can show off your great swelling of pride to the rest of the nation.

Even the gals can get in on the act!
Oh yeah, and you might also want to go and cast your ballot for some of those other kind of dicks that we more commonly refer to as politicians...

Seriously though, get out and vote today!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Confused? You Won't Be After The Next Episode Of...

We are not one person...First of all, thanks to everyone for their concerns and comments in response to Mumi's final post on Halloween. He really did appreciate hearing from everyone. No need to worry. He is doing well. I just don't think that he is the mood to blog much these days.

Fortunately for you though, I have not retired from the land of electronic blah blah-ing also known as blogging. I will continue to bore you with the most insignificant details of my lackluster life as much as I can possibly find the time to do so.

That being said, I think that some of you might have become confused in the past about who actually said what here in our little 'ol blog. We'll take the blame for that for not being more clear in our posts. You see, there are actually three different people who contribute to this inane foolishness a.k.a. our blog. Well, two people and a dog, that is. There is Bubala (That's me!), Mumi (He's really a monkey though!) & Max. (He's a dog!) Hence the title of the blog, "The Extraordinarily Unexciting Lives Of Bubala, Mumi & Max."

You can figure out who posted what by checking out the footer info at the bottom of each post. Or, you can just pretty much assume that if you finish reading an entry and say to yourself, "Wow, that was some good stuff! I really enjoyed that!", then it was probably posted by Mumi. On the other hand, if you get done reading something here and immediately think to yourself, "Damn it! I just totally wasted another two minutes of my life!", then you probably just finished reading one of my posts. And, of course, if you finish reading something here and you suddenly have a very strong urge to go and get yourself some Kibbles 'n Bits, then you have probably just read an entry posted by Max.

I hope this helps to clear things up a bit.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Candy Everybody Wants

Candy! Candy! Candy!
Ah.... Autumn!

Daylight decreases and my waistline increases.

There are way too many food-related holidays this time of the year. I must have eaten about 45 pounds of chocolate in the past two weeks alone. I kept buying candy "for the Halloween trick-or-treaters." At least, that's what I kept telling myself. Of course, I then proceeded to eat it all before I could give it out... more than once! So, I'd have to go and buy more. In the end, it turned out that there were only three knocks at our door this Halloween, so I really didn't need all that much candy in the first place! Now I am stuck with about seven bags of assorted "fun size" chocolate bars.

Oh yay!

So, in an effort to raise the blood pressure a little bit, get the heart pumping some and hopefully help work off some of those unwanted pounds, I present the following calorie-free man candy!


Mmmmm... sweet!

Ben Candy

Dean Candy!

Fox Candy