Bubala, Mumi & Max

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pros & Cons

So, it's been a little over three weeks of going to the gym. I have discovered that there are a few pros and cons associated with being a gym rat.

  1. My body is looking better.
  2. I feel great after a workout.
  3. Plenty of hot guys to stare at.
  4. Plenty of hot guys to stare at me.
  5. More self confidence.
  6. More compliments from the boyfriend.
  7. General feeling of healthiness.
  8. Feels great to sweat.
  9. Skimpy gym clothes don't leave too much to the imagination.
  10. Locker room can be very stimulating.
  1. Sweaty, stinky armpits.
  2. Some ugly trolls to stare at.
  3. Some ugly trolls to stare at me.
  4. Women keep hitting on me.
  5. I am always hungry now.
  6. Skimpy gym clothes don't leave too much to the imagination.
  7. Germs from sharing gym equipment. (I have a cold right now.)
  8. Have to stare at big ol' fat, sweaty ladies sometimes.
  9. Don't have too much free time between working and working out.
  10. Locker room can be very scary.
All kidding aside, the gym has been a very positive experience for me so far. I am looking forward to showing off my new body. I should be ready for public consumption in a couple of months or so. If anyone is interested in pre-ordering a copy of my hot new body, just met me know...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Artsy Wednesday: A Photo & A Poem

Vapour Trails

Beauty To Me - an original poem by Bubala
What is beauty?
What is it like to see it through your eyes?
And, are you lonely there?
Do you want to wish it all away?
Days pass by
Red lines on the calendar
Tear off another page
Another happy picture of a dog or of a car
Meant to inspire a smile
But it only brings you closer
Than you really want to be
Further away from me
Closer to the final time
That I will ever hold your head in my arms
And feel your gentle breathing
Warm on my chest
Comforting to you
Beauty to me

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Piss Lips

Hmmmm.... It appears that I have been inadvertently and unwillingly participating in watersports for quite some time now. Probably for a longer time than I have been advertently and willingly participating in watersp...

Um, wait a minute. I don't do that. Do I?

A close examination of my Avon brand chap stick revealed that one of the many ingredients in this lip balm is urea.

Pee Stick
I just want to know where they got the urea from. Is it from humans? Cows? Monkeys? Frogs? Elephants? This is an important question that I really need the answer to. I must know what kind of piss it is that I am applying directly to my lips on a daily basis.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Doggie Style

Max Blogging...
Hey guys. It's me, Max. The boys are both passed out and snoring on the couch, so I thought that I would give you a little update on how things are going with me.

I went to the vet today. I didn't like it though. The last time I was there, they kept me all day long, and they knocked me out and hurt my leg. So I wasn't quite sure what to expect this time. Fortunately, today they only poked me with a couple of needles and looked in my eyes and ears and stuff.

Oh yeah, they also gave me a little bit of butt love too. I'm not sure why, but the doctor took me into the back room, just her and me. She slapped on a rubber glove, lubed her hand up real good and then proceeded to invade my butt hole with her fingers. And let me tell you, it hurt like a bitch. I didn't like it one bit. This is not the first time that the vet has done this either. I think maybe my vet is into bestiality or something like that. At least now, however, I can say that I have had more butt love than Bubala has, and I'm not even gay!

Oh well, I better stop typing so loudly or the guys will wake up and holler at me. I'm not supposed to be on the computer because the guys say that I slobber too much and because I keep on using Mumi's credit card to sign up for those big-tittied-girl porn sites.

Sometimes, it's tough being a straight dog in a gay man's world!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh No! Oh My!

Quirky, fun songs + hot, bearish lead singer = Bubala's favorite band of the week!

They are called Oh No! Oh My! We caught them live as the opening act for Mew at the Black Cat this past Tuesday night. They are from Austin, Texas, and I like them. A lot. Check them out on their MySpace page. Since I am absolutely awful at writing reviews, I won't. You can just listen and decide for yourself if like them or not.

I guess I really have a thing for hot guys with guitars in their hands. Especially the ones who know who know just how to hold the guitar. The ones who realize that it's not just a musical instrument, but it's also an extension of themselves. The ones who don't mind playing that guitar just like they're playing with themselves. Musicians can be very hot.

Hot Mumi! Hot Rich!
Hot Bob! Hot Seffy!
Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and play with myself... um, I mean my guitar. I have to go now and play with my guitar.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random Access

Some Tuesday morning thoughts...

I hate mushrooms on my pizza. I gag when there are mushrooms in my spaghetti sauce. Psychedelic mushrooms aren't my bag either, and I won't even touch fried mushrooms. The kind of mushrooms that the Durban Bud spies, however, those kinds of mushrooms I adore... I could just eat those all day long.

Mumi and I watched Shortbus on DVD last night. I liked it okay. Nice stories. Lots of naked people. Plenty of hardcore sex. I do think that most of the deleted scenes should have been left in the film. They would certainly have made the movie flow a little better and made it all make just a little more sense. Also, I personally think that there should have been a whole lot more hard penises and male orgasms in the movie. Of course, I think the same thing about real life too. Maybe I am a slut. Go figure.

This is not me!
It's two weeks later now, and I am still going to the gym regularly. I like it. I thought that I would be very self-conscious working out in front of total strangers, but I am not. In fact, I don't really care who stares at me. Even if it's an ugly old troll. I kind of like it when people look at me. I guess it's the exhibitionist side of me getting off on being watched.

I am actually starting to notice some results from my workouts too! I'm getting a little bit more shapely. Muscles are beginning to appear where once there were only jelly rolls.

I even finally ventured onto the treadmill the other day. I was really quite terrified of it up until then. I had this vision in my head of me flailing about wildly as the treadmill sped dangerously out of control. Then, I would be flung with wild force off of the back of the treadmill and into the glass mirrored wall. The wall would shatter and a million shards of shiny, reflective glass would rain down on my damaged, crumpled heap of a body while everyone else in the whole gym pointed at me and laughed uncontrollably at the idiot boy who didn't know how to walk on a treadmill.

It was a very cool vision all right, but it didn't happen that way at all. Thankfully. I guess.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Great To Be Back! We Missed Ya'all!

Wow! What a crazy week! As you may have read previously, we spent the past several days following one of Mumi's favorite bands around the whole freakin' country! Well, not really the whole country, but we went through five states in four days. I'll let Mumi fill you in on all of the concert details.

Frozen TurnpikeIt was a bit crazy of us to drive to New York on Friday in the sleet, snain, sneezing frain... whatever the heck it was. The New Jersey Turnpike was solid ice there for a while. Luckily, we were smart enough to have rented a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the trip. That saved us for sure. During the drive up, we counted at least a dozen cars that had either run into the guard rail, run into another car or slid off the side of the road into a ditch. This trip will certainly rank right up there on the list of really, really stupid things that Bubala and Mumi have done in their lives. (It's quite a list too. Remind me to tell you about it some time.)

Unfortunately, we missed out on attending Blowoff this month since we were in Hoboken, New Jersey on Saturday night. We'll be there next month though. We did manage to see a shirtless guy, but trust me when I tell you that the shirtless men that you were probably ogling were much more appealing to ogle than the shirtless guy that we got to stare at. See for yourself...

Aviv GeffenPut your shirt back on!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Traveling In The Blackfield

There may be a lack of posts over the next few days because we are going to be in traveling "In The Blackfield" following the band on four of their five east coast tour dates.

13 Mar 2007 - USA, Philadelphia, World Cafe Live
15 Mar 2007 - USA, Annapolis, Ramshead Tavern
16 Mar 2007 - USA, New York, Bowery Ballroom
17 Mar 2007 - USA, Hoboken, Maxwell's

At the Annapolis show, we have front row seats. The other shows are all general admission. The NYC show will be filmed for a DVD by the same company (Studio M) that shot the Porcupine Tree DVD in the fall of 2005. We make several cameo appearances all over the PT DVD, and the plan is do the same thing on the Blackfield DVD. So, wish us luck. If you want to read more about our travels in the Blackfield, go here and look out for the new posts from this week's shows from your resident Steven Wilson reporter.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

That's The Origin Of Love

It Is Clear To Me That I Must Find My Other HalfSome folks have asked about the origins of our pet names for each other. I am here now to tell that story...

My pet name, "Mumi," (phonetic spelling: Moo-Mee) goes back to the time when Jason and I first started dating. My nephew was just learning how to talk. (He's 12 now!) I would try to get him to say the word, ‘monkey.' His first attempt sounded more like "Mumpmi." (Moomp-Mee) Then, he started saying "Mumi" and that kind of stuck. Jason started calling me that, and since I'm a monkey, it fits.

His name, "Bubala" (Boo-Ba-La) goes back to around the same time, when we were first dating. I'm not sure who started calling the other one names first, but Bubala became my pet name for him. It also happened to be his sister's dog's name. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not. I have been told that Bubala is what a Jewish grandmother calls her grandchildren. Now, I'm not Jewish or a grandmother and Jason isn't Jewish or my grandchild, so that should pretty much clear up how and why I call him that and even more surprising, why he actually answers to it.

There is also a plush stuffed monkey who lives around here somewhere named "Mumala," (Moo-Ma-La) which is a combination of both our names. Now, that is another story all together.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Post Birthday Blog Post

The Who

The Birthday BoysThe Who played a concert in D.C. for my Birthday. We went to that concert since they were playing for me, after all. The handsome couple known as Dinger and Dumbek were also at the concert. It was Dinger's birthday too. (He must be younger than me, because he certainly looks like it.) The Who played a concert in D.C. for Dinger's Birthday too. That Who, they sure are a bunch of super nice guys. They even played Happy Birthday... I mean 'My Generation' for us and everything. I'm convinced that Pete Townshend is the second coming and I would certainly trust his words over the first Messiah's words because Pete's words have wonderful music behind them that rocks and makes you want to dance. I decided that 'Baba O'Reily' is my favorite dance song. In fact, I think that Bob and Rich should start playing it at BlowOff.

The Birthday Presents

Bubala is all about the presents. He always has been. Ever since I've known him, he digs the surprises. This year, I got all kinds of Curious George surprises. Hug and Glow Curious George, Poseable Curious George, Bubble Blowing Curious George and the four new, small Curious George bean bag plushes. I also got a few Curious George party favors. I love Curious George. I think that he is the second coming, and I would trust his words over the first Messiah's words because Curious George doesn't talk and nobody likes a blabber mouth Messiah.

I also received gift bag that contained a Hershey bar, a police car and a date book. In the date book, on the date of July 20, 2007, the following words were written: "Eclectic Porno - 7:30 PM."

I thought to myself, "Hmmmmmm... is that the date of the great summer blogger Man orgy that everyone is always invited to except me?" No, maybe not. Perhaps Dean Coulter is coming out of retirement to do a new XXX sex performance for me and also to piss off his sister, Ann? Eh, uh uh.

Eclectic Porno must be an anagram for something... Since I'm dumb, Bubala helped me.

Let me see... A Hershey bar? Knowing Buabla like I do, that probably means Hersheypark. But the police car and Eclectic Porno? Hmmmm... Let's see...

Aha! I'm sending out an SOS, because we are all just spirits in the material world. So, don't stand so close to me because every breath you take and every little thing she does is magic. It's another suburban family morning. Grandmothers screaming at Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light because giant steps are what you take while walking on the moon, but there has to be an invisible sun and there's a little black spot on the sun today. But, many miles away, there's a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore on a dark Scottish lake.

Yep! Eclectic Porno is an anagram for Police Concert! 17th row on the floor! Is there any question about why I love Bubala so much? He rocks!

The Gym

So, we joined a new gym. In fact, it is a brand new gym. Just opened. I like it quite a lot. I have lots of energy most of the time, so it's a good place for me. I already feel really comfortable there. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if I became a regular gym monkey. I'll probably be there a lot. I may have to find myself a workout buddy, other than the husband, because he doesn't want to do the heavy stuff. Now, who wouldn't want to be able to say that their gym partner's a monkey?

Workout!I am also liking the sights at the gym. I'll take Glen Burnie guys in workout clothes over leather daddy bears any day. I am and always have been very comfortable in workout apparel. I wear the stuff all of the time. In fact, this would be a great opportunity for me to go out and buy a whole new athletic wardrobe. Then, I could pull off a Cher-like costume change at least three times a day. Oh yeah, I guess I should work out and get a hot body first and then worry about the clothes. Right?

Friday, March 09, 2007

You Say Tomato

I call him "Mumi."

He calls me "Bubabla."

We both call him "Wiggle-Paniggle Pumpkin Pie."

Those are our pet names for each other. It has been that way almost since we first started dating. I have gotten so used to hearing my pet name that, on those rare occasions when he actually calls me Jay or Jason, I usually don't respond to or even hear him.

Everyone has pet names for their friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others or even for their pets.

What is your pet name for your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, pet?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Still Hot After All These Years...

At least, I think so. He certainly still makes my underpants get a little tighter...

Happy Birthday To The Bald Monkey!

Happy Birthday Mumi!
Happy Birthday to my Bald Monkey!
I love you.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just Like A (Weather) Man

Cock Ruler
No offense to any hot weather dudes out there, but why the hell can't the weather men get the forecast right?!? Where is my two to four inches, dammit?!? I did not want to go to work tonight.

Isn't that just like a man to tell me it's four inches and then it ends up being less than one inch.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cool Music...

I added a couple of titles to the 'Cool Music' list in the sidebar over there on the right. I also moved the music list up a little higher on the page. Since I totally like music a whole bunch, I wanted to give the list better visibility. It's right under the profiles now. I'm trying to think of a more clever name for the list. Something besides 'Cool Music.' But, I am not feeling all that clever these past couple of days. Any suggestions?

We Can Work It Out

Our new gym opened yesterday.

We didn't go. I had just come off of a crazy, long weekend of work and I also had to work most of the day and night yesterday.

We are planing on going to the new gym to check it all out later today. I have never belonged to a gym before in my entire life though. And, as stupid as it makes me sound, I really have no idea how to work out, much less how to work out in front of other people in a gym. How do I get started? What exercises do I do? What do all those crazy machines do? I honestly have no idea. I feel so "physically fitness challenged." Hopefully, they'll have some hot guy there in short, tight workout shorts who can explain it all to me.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Real Stampy!
So, sometimes, Mumi goes for walks on the trails near our house. Over the years, he has come home on more than one occasion and told me about the strange things that he sometimes sees while out on those walks.

One time, for example, he told me about the big turkey that he saw on the trail. The turkey was all alone, out in the middle of nowhere, just going for a stroll on the trail, I suppose. Another time, he told me that there were monkeys in the garage of a house just up the street*. Then, there was the time he told me about the bagpiper, kilt and all, hanging out on the trail in the woods. All alone, playing bagpipes for no one in particular.

You might not be surprised to hear me say that I don't always believe these tales that Mumi tells about his walks.

Just yesterday, he came home from a walk and said, "You'll never guess what I saw on my walk today. An elephant! A real one."

My response was, "Uh, yeah, an elephant. Sure. You haven't been eating the magic mushroom marshmallows in the Lucky Charms again, have you?"

Mumi insisted that there was indeed a real live elephant hanging out on the trail just up the street from our house. I still wasn't believing him, so he took my camera and left out of the house again. When he came back, I downloaded the pictures to the computer and...

Well, what do you know...

Fake Stampy!
The was an elephant on the trail today!

I actually saw the elephant with my own two eyes a little later on in the day when we went out to run a few errands. It was a very real elephant, and it was walking on the trail. It was out there to promote a circus that was going on in the local neighborhood armory.

I guess Mumi isn't really all that crazy after all.

*Just for the record, I did also see the monkeys in the garage of the house up the street. The people who lived there had several pet monkeys that lived in their garage. I have yet to see the stray turkey or the lone bagpiper though.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Makes Bubala A Dull Boy

Look Into My Crystal BallsI am looking into the future, and all I can see is a big bunch of work headed my way. Ugh! I have to work way too much next week. So, if any hot monkeys want to take me out to dinner next week, possibly in exchange for hot, sweaty man love, the only time that I'll be free is Tuesday night and possibly Saturday night.

On the plus side, after working way too much all next week, I should have plenty of money to be able to afford a date with TJ. Why, I bet that I'll even be able to afford the [edited] level.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Music Makes The People Come Together

If you look over there on the right. Down below the profiles, below the previous posts and archives stuff, even further... down below the links to other blogs, you will see that I have added a little list of what I think is "Cool Music." It's a short little list of the newest CD's that I have been listening to lately. I will add titles as I purchase and listen to more new music. Eventually, I will drop titles off the list as they become older. If you click on any of the band names on the list, you will be instantly whisked off to that band's MySpace page where you will be able to sample tracks of that band's music. If you click on the album title, you will be escorted to Amazon.com where you will have the opportunity to purchase the music.

Buy it if you like it. Don't if you don't. I am not making any money from this, nor do I want to. I am only trying to spread some gay musical love.

Gay Love